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Aileen talks about the beach.   (986.96 KB)
Glacier Park   (829.24 KB)
Sadie and Sally the new puppies in Kila.   (851.92 KB)
kids enjoying their Bella Dancerella Video.   (467.24 KB)
playing with dry ice.   (366.31 KB)
Aileen rock climbs.   (550.78 KB)
Aileen sings Silent Night with our friend LeeAnn   (406.33 KB)
Aileen at Kindergarten doing the weather   (612.35 KB)
Grandpa Beaton's Birthday   (926.81 KB)
Sophie on the jungle gym.   (1.3 MB)
Aileen shows her skills on the monkey bars.   (336.05 KB)
Aileen singing - no video   (1009.94 KB)
Aileen shows her talent for doing the splits!   (1.61 MB)
kids play restaurant.   (2.37 MB)
Aileen celebrates her 5th Birthday with friends.   (1.23 MB)
Sophie turns 3 and blows out her candles!   (973.6 KB)
Sophie and Aileen enjoy Sophie's B-day dinner.   (741.41 KB)
Listen to Barbie scream her head off on Thundermountain Railroad at Disneyland.(camera video)   (623.81 KB)
Aileen showing off her Fairyland drawing.   (292.8 KB)
Here's Sophie taking her first steps at around 9 months old - December 03

Aileensfirstfish!.mov   (917.32 KB)
Aileen catches her first fish with Grandpa Wallace
June 2005   (622.03 KB)
Aileen meets Sophie for the first time - 3/15/2003   (838.53 KB)
Here's a clip from a rock video I made with Aileen in 2003.   (407.04 KB)
girls at nearby Rose Park on the swings.   (251.26 KB)
Sophie on the tumble track at gymnastics.   (1.71 MB)
Tea Cup ride at Disneyland - January 2006

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